Our History


In 2002, business partners Carver Laraway and Elias Weis purchased the Powell & Minnock Brick Company brickyard. The former brick plant, which closed in December 2001, was at one point the oldest and only brick manufacturer in the state of New York that transported a large portion of those bricks to New York City via barge. The two gentlemen envisioned a marine terminal and have since seen the continued growth and success at the Port of Coeymans.

Carver Companies thoughtfully redesigned its facilities using environmentally friendly materials such as recycled scrap, aggregate and glass and taking additional measures to increase energy efficiency and lessen the carbon footprint. The Port of Coeymans management team restored the historic brick buildings into office space and the sizable warehouse was re-designed to complement the natural beauty of the Hudson River. Additional projects include the restructuring and reclaiming of the entire site, installation of a high load dock, dredging of the Hudson River to a 30 foot depth, and extensive renovations to existing buildings on site. Carver Companies has invested more than $30 million to make the Port of Coeymans the Northeast hub it is.

Industrial Waterfront Property in New York

With our deep-water port, we have berthed some of the largest ships navigating the Hudson and have been an integral part of some very exciting projects.  From shipping steel to Turkey, precast concrete structures for highway and bridge construction on Long Island and New Jersey, and the prefabricated Willis Avenue bridge to New York City; to importing salt, gypsum, bauxite and slag for manufacturing companies, the Port of Coeymans is quickly becoming a gateway to the world.

Bulk Material Handling Specialists

In addition to the construction and reclamation end of the project, we have focused a great deal energy on building a professional and knowledgeable staff to build the business and serve the needs of our customers. The primary goal of the management and staff of the Port is to provide customer service and satisfaction in a time efficient and cost effective manner.

The entire organization is proud of the accomplishments that have been made thus far, but there is just as much enthusiasm for what the future holds.

  • In 2014, POC was awarded New NY Bridge contracts through Tappan Zee Constructors for property leasing for steel fabrication and mechanicals and stevedoring contract for precast work
  • POC is an integral off-site project coordination facility and was instrumental in the following projects: Governors Island, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Superstorm Sandy, Willis Avenue Bridge, Astoria Cooling Towers, Route 36 Sandy Hook, Nassau Highway, 145th Street Bridge, Rikers Island Turbines, Big Dig Tunnel Boring Machine and more.
  • Permitted Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste processing facility; 1,000 tons per day which equates to 80-90% material diverted from going to landfills
    • Aggregate
    • Biomass (paper & wood)
    • Gypsum
    • Scrap Metal
    • Asphalt
    • Riprap waterway repair

As a private facility and major contributor to the local and state economies, since 2007, the Port of Coeymans has invested more than $30 million in facility, infrastructure and equipment upgrades.

  • Generated more than 200 jobs steadily
  • Shoreline repairs include excavation, cleanup, heavy load capacity dock improvements and inlet channel construction
  • Facility and infrastructure upgrades include renovations to existing buildings including Port offices, electrical, gas, water and sewer upgrades, relocation of main roadways into POC, grading, paving and improvements
  • Machinery/equipment upgrades includes the purchase of 5 cranes – ranging from 40-300 ton, 11 barges – deck, hopper and work barges (various sizes), 3 Tug Boat – 2,200,600, 300 horsepower, 4 material handlers, miscellaneous equipment – bulldozers, loaders, forklifts, telestackers, etc., a conveyor system and portable office trailers.
  • $1.1m privately-owned and financed 90’x20’ steel access bridge; redirects truck traffic off State Route 144 and Riverview Drive in the Town of Coeymans; connects the 125-acre port to an additional 275 acres of industrial property crossing the Coeymans Creek