An Environmentally-Friendly Port

Shipping by barge is one of the most energy efficient, safest methods available to transport cargo. Causing insignificant congestion while producing little noise or air pollution, it has relatively minimal effects on the land and community.

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Did you know?

One ton of cargo is shipped for every gallon of fuel burned.

One gallon of fuel operates at:

Truck for 59 miles

Train for 202 miles

Barge for 514 miles

To move the same amount of cargo one barge can transport, it would require 32 freight cars or 100 trucks.

These figures show that barge transportation is almost nine times more economical, thus more efficient, than trucks; and more than two and a half times more efficient than rail. Think about the additional traffic and associated air pollution such congestion would bring to our already crowded land systems. By simply lessening the number of trucks on the road, carbon emissions can be significantly reduced.

“Inland barges carry the nation’s freight at the lowest unit cost while offering environmentally-sound alternatives to other transportation.”

-U.S. Department of Transportation Maritime Administration