Month: April 2015

145th Street Bridge

The 145th Street swing bridge was the first bridge built at the Port of Coeymans. The project began in 2005 with materials delivered to the Port by truck. The 300’ x 90’ x 45’ bridge was assembled on site and then floated down river by barge to its home in front of Yankee Stadium.

Route 36 – Sandy Hook, NJ

The Route 36 highway project involved moving 70-ton Pre-Cast concrete bridge structures and pier boxes to Sandy Hook, New Jersey. The 490 segments for the project were transported approximately 45 miles by truck from the Uni-stress plant in Massachusetts to the Port of Coeymans. The pieces were then transferred onto barges at the Port and shipped by […]

Governor’s Island

The Governor’s Island project with New York Sand & Stone, which began in 2013, is an on-going downstate shoreline rehabilitation project that required 300,000 tons of material. The material is being processed at the Port through a joint venture with Lafarge and being shipped from the Port of Coeymans to the job site on Governor’s […]

Turbines at Ryker’s Island

Two 70-ton turbines were brought to the Port of Coeymans by truck from California, assembled in a building at the Port, transported to the dock, and then shipped to Ryker’s Island by barge.

Tappan Zee Bridge Project

In 2014, the Port was awarded contracts for the New NY Bridge through Tappan Zee Constructors (TZC) for property leasing, steel fabrication and mechanicals, and stevedoring contracts for precast work. Once full scale construction is underway, these contracts will create upwards of 200 new jobs. The Bridge is a $3.4 billion project that requires an […]

Tunnel Boring Machine for “Big Dig”

The tunnel boring machine that played a critical role in Boston’s famous “Big Dig” highway project was delivered to the Port of Coeymans by barge to be rehabilitated at the facility. The machine was dismantled and each piece was sandblasted and painted in temporary structures that were built at the Port facility to accommodate the […]

GE Rail Car Project

Upon suffering a collision with a train at the Port of Albany, a rail car that was transporting a GE stater that weighed 480 tons, needed to be repaired. The Port of Coeymans was hired to dismantle the rail car on site to be shipped to a different location to be reconstructed. The Port’s crew […]

GE Emergency Project

The Port of Coeymans received an emergency call from GE needing assistance at the Port of Albany. A rail car carrying a GE stater had been struck by another train, damaging the rail car and rendering it immobile. The Port was hired to dismantle the stater from the car, move the 480 ton piece and […]

Lafarge Break Bulk

Working for Lafarge North America, the largest diversified supplier of construction materials in the United States and Canada, the Port of Coeymans executed the unloading of 7,900 cubic meters of break bulk consisting of items with weights up to 160 ton. The project of more than 80 heavy picks, weighing approximately 60 tons each, had […]